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Well Hung Heart

Well Hung Heart
After The Races Concert
November 25, 2017
Article and photos by Steve Anderson

A thick cloud bank that was hovering offshore all day finally came in and enveloped the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club as the sun set and the band Well Hung Heart took the stage. The first thing you notice about the band was the bright blue hair that lead singer Greta Valenti was wearing. I wondered if this band could generate enough heat to overcome the cool weather. Granted, this band from the OC, (Won Best Live Band at the OC Music Awards), has created a powerful combination of musical talent made up of Greta Valenti on Vocals, Keyboards and Percussion, Robin Davey on Guitar, Danielle Lehman on Bass and Vocals and Lyle Riddle on Drums, but they would now have to contend with damp, cool weather. Well, they answered any questions I might have had as they jumped into their first song “Devil” and quickly heated up the venue with their high energy music! In fact, they kept ramping up the energy till th…

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