Wilderado At The Music Box

The Music Box
San Diego, Ca
April 7, 2019
Sold-Out Concert

Wilderado was extremely well received on Sunday night, April 7th at the Music Box in San  Diego. Their ease of performance coupled with elaborate vocals and Southern Rock nuances pulled the audience in from the moment they began playing.

Max Rainer (lead singer/guitarist) shared with the audience what a great place the Music Box was and that they were happy to be playing for the crowd on this night.

Their set flew by especially since the band jells  with one another in every way... a total unity. Clearly the band keeps uping it's game with each show.

http://wilderado.co/tour *US Headlining Tour starting soon. Check out dates here*

               'Favors EP' released May 25th 2018 via Bright Antenna (World) and National Anthem (UK).

Max closing out the evening with  a wave and  
“Be good to each other. It’s easier than you think.”

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Connie Bolger Photography

    The Music Box in Little San Diego is a tri-level venue that accommodates over 700+ concertgoers.  This concert was the last stop on the Spring  Tour supporting Mt. Joy. 

Maxim Rainer (guitar/vocals)

Nearing the end of the concert Colton Deering (bass) left the stage and went down into the pit by the crowd.

Tyler Wimpee (guitar)

Justin Kila (drums)