Karl Denson's Tiny Universe at the Belly Up

                                                                                                          photo by Connie Bolger

The iconic Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, Ca hosted  the Karl Denson's Tiny Universe Annual Birthday Bash on Thursday December 27, 2018.  The praise and buzz I heard made me want to be there to find out what all the love and excitement  was about.  Up until now I had only listened to KDTU music (impassioned, exciting, moving, rousing, exceptional) it was exciting to be seeing KDTU live!

I was taken by the legions of soulful and dedicated fans.  As soon as KDTU began to play it was evident that tonight was going to be a memorable concert .  All of the band members  moved along with a smooth, funky delivery that was natural and appealing... a well developed collaboration  of the highest level.  No wonder the sold-out crowd was waving their hands and cell phones all evening.  Put aside your worries and move to the beat.

Karl Denson has been an inspiration, for over thirty years,  galvanizing his audience  and garnering their respect with his saxophone and flute mastery.   He also sings,  throws in some dance moves, and shakes a mean tambourine.  Each member got a chance to show their chops and shine during their solo spots.

It might have been Karl Denson's Birthday,  but the audience got a Holiday present to remember.

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Karl Denson has been called one of the hardest working musicians in the business and rightfully so. He was a member of Lenny Kravitz's  band and the co-founder and has led The Greyboy Allstars plus a sideman of Slightly Stupid. Since 2014 he has been  part of the Rolling Stones touring band. Coming soon  a new studio album will drop after almost a 5 year wait entitled 'Gnomes & Badgers.'

D.J. Williams - Funk  electric guitarist was born in Plainfield, NJ, grew up in Richmond, Va. and now lives in Los Angeles, Ca.

Seth Freeman - guitar - from Searcy, Kansas

Chris Littlefield - trumpet (from Seattle now living in Bremerton, Washington)
David Veith - keyboard (from Fresno, Ca. now residing in Carlsbad, Ca..)

One of the many happy fans awaiting the concert.