Spotlight on ~ Sure Sure ~ Fall Tour 2018

Chris Beachy (keyboards, singer)    Charlie Glick (guitarist, singer)
Kevin Farzad (drums, percussion)   Michael Coleman (producer, bass, keys)

We recently caught up with the Los Angeles-based Indie-Pop band Sure Sure during the second half of their extensive tour. Make sure you catch them at a concert near you soon!

Tour in support of their 2018 debut album 

Your debut album "Sure Sure" dropped on  Jan. 12th of this year. Please give us a  look into your creative process including vocals, lyrics, instrument flow, patterns etc.

Usually, Chris & Charlie will come in with some kind of melodic//harmonic//lyrical idea, or Kevin will come in with a spicy groove, and then we start to build the song together. Then we get stuck and go to the park, where we throw a frisbee and wonder what we should eat for dinner. Stir fry? Pasta? Lentils? One thing is for sure: there will be a salad on the side.

What song do you favor from the debut album and what has been a fan favorite?

Each of us has a different favorite song...This is Chris speaking—I recently went back and listened to Friends and found that I really enjoyed it. It's funny because we worked so hard on it and I got so close to the song that I became sick of listening to it for a while, but coming back to the recording after a break from it was refreshing. I also dig Info machine, giants, foreign room, fat lady.... really the whole record haha. I think fans gravitate to the talking heads cover, fat lady, friends, and new biome...although hands up head down is a big fan favorite at the live show bc of the dance.

As of Jan. 18th, the band has toured extensively going forward thru Nov 16, 2018. Do you have a favorite place and or venue you are excited about playing?

Austin is super fun. Can't wait to go back. Phoenix & Salt Lake City & Chicago are always lit. Also Seattle and the PNW in general bc it's so wet up there and LA is so dry so it's like going to an alien planet where there's green stuff somehow growing on literally every surface.

What artist(s)or event(s) has been an inspiration so far? What artists(s) do you admire and when did you realize that you wanted to pursue a musical career?

This is Chris.  My favorite artists of all time include velvet underground, Tame Impala, nick drake, little dragon, the Beatles, Jose Gonzalez, fleet foxes, and Radiohead.  I also really dig old soul music like Sam Cooke and Clarence Carter.  I can't remember an exact moment when I decided to pursue music except that after college I would work part-time jobs and spend as much time as possible bumming around studios making recordings.  I think subconsciously I always wanted to be a musician.  As a band, we were all very inspired when we opened for hippo campus and watched them put on a really amazing live show.  We are always striving to become a better live band and better performers. 

Sure Sure is from Los Angeles. How would you rate the music scene there and how does it affect your musical style?

LA has a very diverse scene.  There's definitely a healthy amount of garage rock and Americana type stuff in LA, although that's only scratching the surface.  I feel like people here are making literally every kind of music, and if you tried you could find that experimental electronic music scene that you always wanted.  We love this local band called Superet who have some serious Bladerunner meets Devo meets Queens of the stone age vibes.  All in all, it's an excellent scene and a great place to find inspiration, you just gotta find your niche cause it's a big place.

Going forward where would you like to see the band in several years?

We want to record a really great album in the future and just keep touring the land.  The plan is to keep floating down this here music river and see where we end up.

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Coming next week 

SLO Brew Rock 
Oct 12, 2018
7:00 pm  | Ages: 18+

Oct 13, 2018, HOB in San Diego
7:00 pm