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Joe Satriani's G3 Tour

Esteemed guitarist Joe Satriani's  2018 incarnation of the highly praised G3 tour will begin in Seattle, Washington on January 11, and concludes on February 25 in Milwaukee.  Satriani's 16th solo album, "What Happens Next" is set to drop on January 12, 2018.  Joining forces at this years G3 tour with Satriani are two guitar icons John Petrucci and Phil Collen.

 In previous years, the first inception took place in 1996, Satriani's G3 tour project has included other stellar guitarists including Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Brian May, Steve Vai, Robert Fripp, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert and  Kenny Wayne Shepherd. The tour has consistently played to sold-out audiences in North American, South American, Europe, Japan and Australia.  While back in 1995 when Satriani pitched the idea of a trio tour to promoters the response was rather lukewarm. Satriani then moved forward with them on his own including his old friends Steve Vai and Eric Johnson.

From the very beginning, G3 was a smashing success selling out almost immediately.
Joe Satriani looks forward to the G3 tours, especially sharing with fans his love of live performance. His respect for the other two guitarists performing with him adds a heightened dimension to the concert.

In the fold again this year for the seventh time is the Dream Theater founder and guitar legend John Petrucci. Both men express a mutual admiration for each other's skills.  Satriani says he always looks forward to playing with John on the tour and that you never know what amazing surprises Petrucci has in his arsenal. Petrucci says that playing with Satriani has been some of the most enjoyable experiences of his life not only professionally, but also on a personal level.  He greatly values performing all over the world as part of a trio while getting to share some of his solo work and at the same time introducing some new fans to check out Dream Theater.

2018 marks the debut of Phil Collen.  The distinguished guitarist of De Leppard since 1982 has been an integral component of the group's tremendous worldwide success.  In Collen's words “Being asked to take part in the G3 tour is a real honor. I’ve been fortunate to have played guitar all over the world for many years, but I’ve never been able to stretch out as a player in the way that this tour will allow me to.  This past July 2017 Satriani played with Phil Collen at the G4 Experience in California.  Satriani feels that Collen is underrated.  The rocker seldom plays solo so this is a rare opportunity for Collen to play a full set.

Over many years guitar superstar  Joe Satriani has enjoyed playing and sharing the stage with a number of renowned guitarists, all outstanding artists, each one bringing their own special touch to the G3 Tour.  The fans love the show especially since it is not often that instrumental guitar music takes center stage with such professionalism,  enthusiasm, passion, and love.