Wild Child is the ultimate tribute band to the music of the legendary rock band, The Doors. The Doors (who are in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame) combined poetic lyrics with rock music to become one of the most popular bands in the seminal period of Classic Rock; 1967-1971. For the past twenty years the band Wild Child, led by lead singer Dave Brock, has faithfully reproduced the sound and look of The Doors. The band recreates the music of The Doors by using vintage instruments and by wearing clothing from that time period and Dave Brock has all the signature moves that Jim Morrison used to dramatize each song. Combining all those factors, Wild Child is able to take the audience back in time to the 1960’s when The Doors were the kings of Rock n’ Roll. In fact, they are so adept at recreating a Live Doors Concert that the surviving members of the Doors, John Densmore and Robby Krieger, (as did Ray Manzareck before he passed away) have given Wild Child their stamp of approval.

This was my first look at the band Wild Child and on this particular night, the House of Blues in San Diego was packed to the roof with adoring Doors fans. Along with the large baby boomer crowd, who grew up listening to the Doors, there was an equal number of young people in the crowd with some wearing “Doors” T shirts. I glanced at the Set List and I could see that the band was taking on the challenge of playing a two set show that included twenty of the Doors top songs. Expectations were high as the band took the stage and I wondered if the band had the expertise and the stamina to recreate a live Door’s Concert. 
Well, from the moment the band opened the concert with the up tempo “Break on Through” to the closing of the first set with the moody “When The Music’s Over”, the crowd danced and sang along with its approval.  After a thirty minute intermission, they started the second set with the rousing “Road House”. Smoke swirled around the stage and the mood changed, like the spirit of the Doors had descended on the performers and we were back in the Whisky-A-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles where it all began.  As Wild Child played one hit after another, the fans swayed and chanted each chorus back to the band.  When the band ended the second set with, “Light My Fire”, which was the Doors first gigantic hit in 1967, the crowd literally sang the whole song while the lead singer, Dave Brock, stood on the edge of the stage and extended the microphone stand out over the crowd. With whistling, clapping and shouting, the crowd summoned the band back for an encore and the band rewarded them with a rousing version of “LA Woman”. So when the music was over (no, they didn’t turn off the lights), I had to admit to myself that I had become a big fan of the band Wild Child. They had pulled it off. They had successfully recreated a live Doors Concert and if you are a Doors Fan, this show is a must see!
  • Wild Child Band Members:
    Kit Potamkin - Keyboards
    Gene White - Drums
    Pat Hennessy - Guitar

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  • Dave Brock

    Kit Potamkin