Photojournalist Steve Anderson was at the scene covering the Ziggy Marley WE ARE THE PEOPLE TOUR stop in San Diego.

Ziggy Marley Concert
Humphrey’s By The Bay
June 12, 2017

Humphrey’s, located next to the bay, is one of the prettiest outdoor venues in San Diego. On this night the lawn was set up for standing room only with no chairs so it felt like watching a concert from a huge backyard with a bunch of your friends. It was a cool night with the wind blowing off the water but not for long, for Ziggy Marley is a force of nature that heats up any venue he plays in. He radiates a warm energy that flows out and he soon had the crowd dancing on the lawn and singing along with him and his band. His award-winning songs called for all of us to evolve and become emancipated by the power of love. When he sang the song, “Love Is My Religion”, the crowd became a huge backup chorus and it felt like Humphrey’s had been turned into a temple and we were singing some ancient chant that had the power to dissolve our petty differences. Like his father before him, Ziggy sang the gospel of peace and harmony and for a few hours on this cold night we got to feel the warmth of one love.


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