Switchfoot at The SDSU Open Air Theatre

Switchfoot ~ Bringing It Back Home!

With a only a  few stops left on their Fading  West tour, the hometown crowd embraced  Switchfoot this past Saturday at the SDSU Cal Coat Open Air Theatre.  Not even a bit of rain or cloudy weather dampened the excitement of the audience.

The opening bands were:  The Young Wild, and Sir Sly.  They provided an enjoyable lead-in to this much anticipated  show.

As luck would have it, just as the Switchfoot began their 15 song set the sky went clear.  A heavily wicked light show with intense strobes and colored lasers magnified the experience.  As always, love the air time.

The So-Cal natives delivered an energetic performance that seamlessly transitioned from several rocking tunes into the striking  "Let it out".  Jon Foreman connected with the fans while strolling into the audience.  He sang,  gave high fives, took selfies, and shared his mic.   The best part was when Jon shook the hand and thanked a fan for his military service. A genuinely humble interaction with the audience is a hallmark of Switchfoot's live shows.  Charisma abounds.

The evening was invigorating and inspirational.  At one point Keith Tutt, a local  cello player, took over the stage  and performed a stunning cello solo.  The cello solo was so moving that when Keith finished, Jon asked everyone to hug the person next to them, which they did.   Keith then played two more songs,  Only Hope, a solo, followed by, "Dare You To Move",  with the rest of the band. As "Dare You To Move" began the audience became a sea of cell phone lights waving brightly in the air.

This was a high energy show, just wish the set was longer so we could hear more of the great material they have to offer.



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